About The Chef

My passion for cooking started in the mid 90's, I came from Dominican Republic in 1996 not knowing how to cook, food was always a big thing in my life. From the Sunday lunch gatherings at grandma's to family get togethers for as long as I can remember.

I always tell people that when I first came to New Jersey I couldn't boil eggs without burning them.

When I moved to the US I began watching cooking channels like the Food Network and seeing the passion that the Chef's had for cooking is what developed my very own passion for cooking.

I started to learn about herbs, spices, cooking with fresh ingredients and making my own crazy concoctions. I quickly learned to relate food with our senses, anyone can cook, yes, but it took me to another level from just being a great cook when I discovered how to really connect food to our senses.

It all starts off with the visuals the most complex knowing how plating each dish triggers your mind to desire and draw you closer so that you can make a connection with your sense of smell now curiosity leads you to want to taste what you're seeing and smelling...one bite instantly starts that connection and creating an addiction.